We Needed to Get Satellite Internet

We Needed to Get Satellite Internet

I have heard a lot of things about satellite Internet through the years, but it turns out that most of them are simply not true. The only reason I know this is because I had to get this type of Internet connection when I moved to a rural area about a year ago. I knew that I would have to have Internet even if I was not interested in it for myself, because I do have three kids who have never lived in a world where the Internet was not an option for homework, learning and just plain old fun.

I was a bit hesitant about making this move, but I knew that I really did not have a choice. The biggest thing I had heard about satellite Internet is that whenever it storms, there will be no service. Read the rest of this entry

Why Women Love Diamonds

Why Women Love Diamonds

imagecontentloveIf you think of a diamond as a scientific element, there is nothing too special about it, really. Technically, a diamond is just a piece of carbon that has undergone a certain process which has transformed it into a precious stone. But what makes it special is the time and devotion Mother Nature allotted to have them made. Natural diamonds take thousands of years to process, and this occurred in extremely high temperatures and very high pressure. Having the right elements of the environment will produce these wonderful objects of desire.

Diamonds are number one on most womens wish list. Men usually wonder why, but unexpected and unexplainable things happen, and men will find themselves peeping at the windows of expensive jewelry stores. Before they know it, they are holding out their credit cards. Why? They know the excitement on their woman’s face when they give them diamond jewelry.

Women love diamonds not only because they are expensive but because they are a thing of great beauty. They also hold a special meaning in their hearts. So whenever you give someone a diamond as a gift, it really makes her feel quite special.

Here are other reasons why women just love diamonds.

Diamonds are forever, literally. They stand the test of time and will not get damaged easily. Diamonds are strong and very durable, and can even be passed on from generation to generation without losing their beauty.

Diamonds can make a girl look really glamorous. Because it is an expensive gem, diamonds can make you shine and glitter all night long. Everybody just loves the classy effect of diamonds. They are best worn at night and you instantly are the center of attention at any social gathering. Diamonds can get attention and women just love them for it.

Women are pretty much like diamonds. They want to be taken care of and paid attention to. Diamonds require lots of care, love and attention. Women think that every time her man gives her a diamond, she is as precious as these expensive stones.

There is a certain pride and joy that diamonds can give. Wearing an exquisite and rare diamond around your neck or on your ring finger will definitely attract other women’s eyes. If women admire diamonds, they also definitely admire women wearing them.

Diamonds can give a woman fulfillment. Wearing a diamond has always been a young girl’s dream. Even if you are not the materialistic kind of person, a diamond in your possession can really make you feel special.

Diamonds can symbolize commitment. A guy giving a girl diamond means that he is ready to live his life with this particular girl.

The elegance of a diamond is a woman’s fancy because they are very classy as well as very feminine. You can wear them on special occasions and instantly grab the spotlight.

Women love diamonds for their beauty and for their fame. They may be quite expensive but these items of jewellery are well worth every cent.

Tricks to make your Relationship last for a lifetime

Tricks to make your Relationship last for a lifetime

The most important part of your life when you are in a relationship is to build them. We have heard so many times that making relationships is easy, breaking them is even easier but to maintain them is tough.

Tricks to make your Relationship last for a lifetime

Love is a completely different feeling all together. It is not something that you have experienced it earlier or accomplished earlier. Love is divine; it means accepting your partner with all his goods and bad, forgiving each other during fights and be there for the partner in time of need. Anything apart from this is a relationship of different kind. When you meet the person for the first time, everything is nice and sweet, but as you move on in the relationship, you find problems arising with he not paying attention to you like he used to do and she does not have time to listen to what you experienced the whole day. Basically with time, even relationships change. Therefore, here are some tips that you can use to prevent these things from happening. Some don’ts that you should abide to if you want to improve your relationship.

  • Impractical expectation – In a new relationship, the first feeling you get is that you have found a perfect partner for yourself, but as time passes, things start to change. You always dreamt of picture of your partner but when reality strikes, things are completely different. We always have a checklist ready in mind of how are partner should be and they would treat you. This is a common mistake that both of you do in a relationship. When you are in a relationship, there should be no expectations whatsoever. You should be ready to accept your partner the way they are. If you are not comfortable in a relationship, then the best thing to do is let him or her go or may be change yourself as per the other partner expectation. Love means accepting someone the way they are.
  • Love and Sex – This usually happens with young couples. They often confuse love with sex. For a mature male, meaning of sex is to showcase his masculinity however for women it is and expression of love. It is often heard that women do sex to get love whereas men do love to get sex. Therefore, you should not run in a relationship. Give time to each other and understand each other before committing in a physical bonding. Sex is something that once started in a relationship then everything starts with it and everything ends with it.
  • Communication crash – Communication is the key to any relationship. The more you talk and understand each other’s feeling, the more you are comfortable in a relationship. Usually, with busy schedules in our life, we tend to forget even wishing our partners on their special occasions. But this should not be the case. Nobody is asking you to say those three words 20 times a day but just by sending a good night shayari to your partner would do the trick.

Hopefully, by following these tips you might find your true love and most importantly last it forever.

Have the Wonderful Experience in New York

Have the Wonderful Experience in New York

Where do you live nowadays? Do you feel so comfortable with your daily living nowadays? Well, as an ordinary person, it is such a common thing if we feel so bored with our job or our daily routine. When we face this kind of situation, taking a short vacation will not be a sin, right? You can ask for permission for having a short vacation to your boss. Your boss will agree it if you can show the good performance in your daily working.

If you are such a person who really want to visit the United States, you need to choose to go to New York. We know that New York will offer us with the best experience for the short vacation. You will feel the great development of the big city there. Then, when you feel so bored during your time in this place, you can choose the right person that can accompany you during the vacation in New York. Choosing New York escort girls will not be a bad thing to choose. You will feel so happy when you can visit and enjoy your time in this place. They can accompany you to go around in New York and do any kinds of things that you want to do. You will have the wonderful time in this place.

Then, if you have get the permission from your boss, you need to make sure that you can decide where the destination of your vacation is. You can choose some places as the destination of your own vacation I believe that you can have the wonderful time during your holiday and you will never felt like you are bored in your vacation if you really enjoy your time well. You will not feel so stressful during your vacation.

Good luck!

Toronto Escorts

Toronto Escorts

Toronto is famous for its finest escort services of the world. Escorts of Toronto are measured as the best escorting blows in the universe. In order to get the best escort, you can simply require coming out of the comfort of home and beating the streets of Toronto. You will be really able to get the number of options for you. Toronto offers variety escorts for your enjoyment. You can take a look at the different kinds of viptorontoladies.com – Toronto escorts. They are able to fulfil your sexual requirements and missing element of your life.

Types of escorts

One type of escorts girls are come as material girls that are highly in demand they are always self centred and do everything for your pleasure. Toronto city is the home to approximately thousands of material girls or we can also say that escorts. High rates, branded shoes, high expenses, expensive bags and swanky dresses are their most familiar personality. If you want to spend your night with material girls of Toronto then you just need a lot of cash in your pocket and the bulk amount in your bank. You can get the height of sexual pleasure based on your amount that you will spend on them. You will not have any need to tell them anything, Toronto escorts are much aware about their behaviour and your desires at different places. They may also have their own sexual desires; it will add more fun to your night.

The second type of escorts are niche escorts, they may be a little bit choosey that is something makes them amorous. They mostly want that you will hold them in your arms along with her lips completely locked with your lips. You can find that they are more provocative and open minded. Moreover, they can do everything for you as compared to the other escorts or prostitutes.

The third type is rebel; you can say that they will fill your night completely with fun. For them, you just need to pay the amount and perform your arrangement to the great heights. Moreover accidental escort, sugar baby, seductress, part-timer, the outsider, enterpriser and smart cookie are also some types of escorts that you can easily enjoy from the comfort of any spot in Toronto. On the basis of research evidences, it has been seen that super hot escorts in Toronto are the best but they are also very choosey. These escorts are able to satisfy their large amount of clients completely. You should really enjoy your sexual pleasure experiences with different kinds of Toronto escorts. You can find a large number of escort service provider companies in Toronto that provide the best quality escorts to the clients, but they are also made available to you in high amounts. So it totally depends on you how much you can pay for them in order to fulfil your sexual requirements. Some of the companies also provide their escorts on the business trips so that you should never get bored during your travel.

Top Reasons For Customers To Get Into Miami Oasis Escorts

Top Reasons For Customers To Get Into Miami Oasis Escorts

People are always would like to travel from one place to another place as official or occasional manner. Such thing would make them to get relief from all kinds of stress and pressure present in the daily life. Most of the people are choosing some of the tourist spots in order to get such kinds of relief in a greater manner. Miami is considered as one of the greatest places for all kinds of people and we would be able to see more number of foreigners is being visited throughout the year. Some of the men would like to experience with escort services and there are more number of escort agencies is operating in this location. They are working to get out the relief of people in a greater manner. Check the details here Miamioasisescorts.com it is one of the prominent website which is working dedicatedly for satisfying all the requirements of the customer at any time.

Types Of Girls Present In Agency

We would be able to find more number of young girls is operating in this agency and it is considered as better business opportunities for them as well. It is considered as the main reasons for getting more amount of money in a short period of time. We would be able to find good and experienced kinds of girls who are able to satisfy the customers in all manners. Most of the customers have wonderful and enjoyable kinds of experience with Miamioasisecorts.com. We would be able to check the availability of the girls listed in website through online. The online option of selecting a girl would always be a welcome thing for the customers. This would help them to select a desired girl based on their requirement. In the website, we would be able to find all kinds of basic information about the girl are vested in it. Such thing would make customer to have a better choice or option for the night.

How To Book Miami Girls?

The girls in this agency are working confidently in their service and such things would always make customers to feel excited all periods of time. Once customer has selected the desired girl from the website, we need to book Miami girls through online by clicking book now option mentioned in the website. The book now option would redirect to a web page where we need to provide the information like name, email, phone, and additional information. Based on the availability, agents from the agency will keep updating the proper information to the customer in a periodical manner. It is good to select an appropriate and have multiple choices before going to book Miami girls through online. The reason which is behind for most of the customers to select the Miami girls is because of their attractiveness and appearance. At the same time, the agency is getting different rates from each customer and it is based on the selection of the girl and availability of the girl. Such thing will also be discussed only by giving proper request to the agency with the information like name, email id, phone number, and appropriate questions.

Top 4 Tips for Playing Online Bingo – Valentine Online Bingo Match

Top 4 Tips for Playing Online Bingo – Valentine Online Bingo Match


Eyes down! Playing bingo online is exciting, social, and in some cases jackpot winnings make it extremely attractive. Find out how to get the most from your online bingo experience.

Thinking of signing up to an online bingo site? Here are a few essential points to consider before committing yourself or parting with any of your hard-earned cash. Bear in mind that although many people consider playing bingo to be gambling, it’s supposed to be primarily for fun.

  1. Why are you playing bingo?

If you’re playing in an attempt to chase the big cash prizes – you could be disappointed. Bingo is, after all, mainly a game of chance, you’ll either be lucky or you won’t. But that’s not to say there aren’t certain things you can do to improve the chances of claiming BINGO! Playing Online Bingo is very much the same as playing bingo in a conventional bingo hall – it’s more about the fun of the game and the community spirit that exists among players – don’t focus too much on the big jackpot, but enjoy the camaraderie you’ll find on many online bingo sites.

  1. Bingo budgeting

It may sound strange, but just like any other expense, if you’re going to play bingo on a frequent basis – it’s best to set yourself a bingo budget. This could be a daily or weekly amount that you can comfortably afford to set aside for playing bingo online without worrying about it. That way you’ll always enjoy playing. Avoid spending more than planned, as this can lead to serious disappointment, and bigger problems, too.

  1. Avoid overload

Many online bingo sites allow players to simultaneously play as many bingo cards as they wish. This may sound great; more cards mean more opportunities to win, right? The problem is that the more cards you try to keep track of the more likely it is that you miss a number called or even win without realising it immediately, only to be beaten to the prize by another more focused player. Limit yourself to the number of cards you can play and check with confidence without getting confused or frustrated.

  1. Optimal bingo time

You might not have much choice about exactly when you play bingo online. But if you can, experiment with playing at various times of day. During quieter times of day, for example, in the afternoons or even early in the mornings, there are often more opportunities to win because less people are playing at the same time.

Most importantly, remember to have fun – enjoy making new bingo friends and don’t just think about the monetary benefits of playing bingo online.



VIP Tour to Thailand! Bangkok and Pattaya

VIP Tour to Thailand! Bangkok and Pattaya

postYou’ve heard the song “One night in Bangkok.” You watched “Hangover 2.” You’ve seen the videos on You Tube. You’ve heard the stories about all the beautiful women in Thailand and all the fun and debauchery and you are ready to go. You’d love to go, BUT you have no idea where in Thailand to go and when you get there, where to go and what to do? You need a “wingman!”

If you have been single long enough! If you have been to one too many singles bars, singles clubs, blind dates! You’ve had enough online dating, singles seminars, to last you the rest of your entire life. If the women you are meeting are not to the caliber you want, the level you expect or deserve.

Come and join with us on Men on a Mission Tour at Sunday, March 13, 2015 to Sunday, March 20, 2016. For any further information please visit MenOnAMissionTour.com or call at +1-949-342-8800

Tax Solution for Financial Supports

Tax Solution for Financial Supports

Having your financial condition to be balanced is one of the most important things. There are lots of things you can do for improving the look of your business. When it comes to financial condition you must also consider about how you will have your business to get balanced. One of them is by getting the service of Accountants Sydney. This is one of the most credible and professional companies which will help you in getting your financial condition to be in the best and balanced situation. So, how is actually the way for your financial support?

There are lots of things you can do for making your financial condition to be balanced. Balanced economic condition will support your life and give you peace of mind. This makes you have to choose something which will be really suitable with your style. In this case, you can find the best way for improving your condition. For some conditions, you can find having the company that will help you in getting through your doom can be really important. This is really recommended for you so that you will have them to be perfectly like what you need.

When it comes to you to choose the best company that will assist you in order to make your financial condition to be better, you can find that the Accountants Sydney is also a great choice for you. Dealing with the financial condition is not limited with tax. Although you are tidy and professional enough in managing you tax, you will have some other things which are not the tax to be your consideration. So, what things you have to also pay attention to? Here are some things you have to consider when you are concerning having working and profitable business for your living. Consulting to the best company will also make your business to be more promising in the future. By understanding this, you will find that your business will be balanced.

It is obvious that you have to make sure your financial condition in balance. It is not only for your individual condition but also for the company needs. There is no doubt that you will need perfect things which will improve performance of your office. You might have the office to be quite bothering. It is good and you can even make your financial condition to be perfectly balanced. When you are looking for having best assistant in financial condition, you better choose the one which is attractive and unique, suitable with your need.

There are lots of things you have to concern about. It is believed that you can find having the assistance in financial condition. For you who need the help and consultation in the problems related to financial things like bookkeeping, tax and also some other financial management needs, you are recommended for having the service from Sydney Accountants which will improve your method in understanding which one is the most suitable for you for having balanced economic condition.

Great Energy Companies for Texas

Great Energy Companies for Texas

I moved to Texas a few years ago, because I started school here. I am finishing my degree now, and I want to find a good place to work. I am probably going to try to get a job at a nuclear energy plant. That would be best, but I don’t know if it will happen right away. So I am looking at www.texasenergycompanies.net to try to learn more about the energy companies that are in the area.

I know that a lot of these companies are not going to be using nuclear fission in order to produce their electricity, but at the same time I am pretty sure that are going to be at least a couple such facilities in the area. Read the rest of this entry

Key Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Kona for Your Health

Key Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Kona for Your Health
Today, people are pampered with many choices of massage. Amongst the popular is hot stone massage Kona. Believed, hot stone massage is the best way to take a break in style and luxury after a long period of working. It is also good to maintain your overall health. Those who work under pressure are advised to include the massage in their healthy lifestyle. Besides, people who feel constant exhaustion or headaches are highly recommended to taking this massage.
Hot stone massage gives a lot of benefits to human body. A major benefit is in stress management. Studies show that stress is a number one cause of health problems such as diseases and disorders. Thus, by managing stress, it is likely the body will stay in its healthy state. The second benefit is its relaxing effect. The massage gives muscle relaxation and allows deep tissue manipulation. The third is improved overall health proven by the increased number of doctors that recommend his/her patients with Fibromylagia, Arthritis, Hypertension, or musculoskeletal problems to this massage. The fourth benefit is quality sleep. A good sleep is important to recuperate from daily exhaustion. And, the fifth benefit is pain relieving effect. The massage can alleviate signs of muscle spasms and painful muscles.
Beside the five major benefits, hot stone massage also gives more other benefits. The benefits are arbitrary including improved blood circulation, easy rehabilitation, detoxification, self contentment, and happy feelings. All of the benefits make a really good key to healthy and happy life that everyone always expect to have in their very previous life. If you have chances of taking the massage weekly or monthly, you will definitely feel and look better day by day. Just make sure you come a right therapist.

Dating With People Of Similar Interest At Kovla

Dating With People Of Similar Interest At Kovla

In olden days the means of sharing words with people were limited. Today people can think of friendships beyond boundaries. You might like some cultures around the world and want to have friendship with those people. You might want a friend from some other part of the world. This has become easy with the existence of online dating sites. The online dating sites make it possible for a person to locate some of those who would have an interest to talk and chat along with you. So two different people can meet and develop closeness. While the basic introduction you can get to know about the likes and dislikes of the person. You can frame a brief idea about the person. Therefore this is a versatile means to explore the wide number of choices and select few of them who would want to share few words with you. Further you can pick those who have similar interest of yours and start your conversation.

In online dating sites such as kovla.com you can find plenty of options. The more and more patience you develop the more you would be benefitted. You can get a complete understanding of the person whom you have chosen and date with him or her. It is very crucial that you choose the right one. You should feel comfortable chatting so that your relationship with your partner would become stronger and healthy. If otherwise, you do not find the person interesting or you are not comfortable with the relationship then you can move on and find another person for dating. Often dating websites provide plug-ins and software’s which have to be downloaded to get started. At kovla you don’t have to go any such strenuous procedures. You can simply register and get started with chatting with the use of this versatile dating site.

How To Get My Husband To Love Me Again – How To Rekindle His Love For You

How To Get My Husband To Love Me Again – How To Rekindle His Love For You

If you suspect your husband no longer loves you, you are probably going through lots of pain. You feel sad and down, and you miss the way he used to make you feel. You are wondering whether he is still in love with you.

There are many materials you can buy online and in bookstores – even seminars – available to help you answer the question, “how to get my husband to love me again”? But exercising some common sense can really make a difference after a loss of love between you. And, displaying the appropriate behavior can go long way toward healing your relationship.

If you cannot stop thinking about your lost relationship and wondering if he still loves you, I have some tips on how to rekindle his love for you. You will give yourself the best chance of getting back together with that special someone.

Avoid being dishonest with him!

This is a very important tip, but one that is often ignored at the peril of the distraught wife. Why? Many people fall back on playing games when they are hurt by their husbands’ recent coldness because it gives them a sense of power. If you can make your husband think that you no longer have feelings for him – or if you can make him think you care more than you really do – you are just playing with his mind. That can make you feel powerful in the short term, which can feel good. But this good feeling is short-lived, and it will not last for very long.

At some point, you will come to the realization that trying to fool your husband does not really work. And, anything good that happens because of it will always be tarnished by the fact that it is based on lies.

Some people play games to make their husbands jealous by pretending to show interest in someone else. This is merely a way to try to make their falling-out-of-love husband feel jealous. While this can work, in many instances it actually causes a breakup, once and for all. For example, your husband could be so jealous at the thought of you being with someone else that he wants you back. Or, on the contrary, he could decide that since you emotionally became disengaged so quickly, you do not really care about him anyway. The bottom line is, you have no way of knowing how this type of dishonest action will play out in terms of longer-term effects.

Be nice!

This is true for any type of relationship, but sometimes the anger that comes from one’s husband suddenly going emotionally cold can make us act in a way that is beneath us. Even if you are feeling hurt, the fact that you want to know, “how to get my husband to love me again?” indicates that you want to make things work.

Ask yourself how you have been acting toward your husband lately. If you were your husband, would you look forward to spending time with you? Even if you feel like picking fights with him, simply stop yourself from doing so. Instead, work extra hard at controlling your ill will. In other words, be a person who deserves to be cared for!
Remember: be on your best behavior when you are around your husband, and help him to remember what it was that made him fall in love with you in the first place. He will remember your good points and will miss them. You will then have a better chance of rekindling the love you share.

What I have shared with you here are just the beginning steps in winning back the love of your husband. They are the first steps I followed when I lost the love of my life – my husband. And frankly, these are not my own ideas. Rather, I learned these ideas from top relationship experts who have made a science out of people getting their spouses to fall back in love with them.

The help you need is the “Magic of Making Up”, an excellent e-book by T. Dub Jackson. In the in The magic of making you will find some very simple ways and methods that will show you how to get your husband back. They are plain suggestions and real down to earth methods although some what unconventional to help you to get your husband back in days – not months or years. The get husband back formula is for women having an intense urge to find out ways and means to make up for their loss. They are no way black magic but works like magic to get your husband back.

That’s why it is called The magic of making up, an e-book that can make you relish the true sense of love fully renewed and rejuvenated. This magic of making up lays down all the necessary ingredients and simple yet unconventional procedures needed to get your husband back.

A Special Gift Your Loved One Will Never Forget Great Gift Ideas For This Holiday

A Special Gift Your Loved One Will Never Forget Great Gift Ideas For This Holiday

Fourteenth February is a day not marked on many peoples calendars but in the heart; time of the year when lovers come closer to each other emotionally. What makes it special is what each party puts in to make it memorable to the other but the most important is the gift that one receives from the loved one. Finding a gift that will make Valentines Day memorable is a nightmare to many, therefore I am delighted to present these gift ideas a gift your loved one will never forget.

No matter your financial status, show affection to your loved one by presenting red roses a sign of love, passion and beauty. To make this gift unique the arrangement matters. Floral arrangements to suit different people and occasions can are created by skilled florists like Flower direct and Rose farmusing only the freshest flowers. These flowers can be delivered to the person you love with a professional touch. To flower lovers this is a perfect gift

You can be very creative this year. Take time to create inscriptions, romantic words, design a card or create an art piece for the one you love. Then buy a unique photo frame to frame this personal message. This is something that one will never forget. You dont need to be a superb artist to come up with something, just be creative convey a heart to heart message. Get the best service from Photo works and San Digital who will print your message on a heavy bond acid-free paper for lasting memories.

Many people may go for flowers, be unique send your loved one fine chocolate with a personalized message engraved. There are many stores which make delicious chocolate using the most delicious and freshest of ingredients like Special chocolate gifts and Chocolate buttons. this is a perfect gift for those who love desserts.

Ladies treasure jewelry, it can be form of an engraved metal or valentine day themed necklace or ring. There is a range of metal engraved gifts. The best is to have a picture or photo engraved on the item. This requires an expert like Engraved gifts ideas to fit a photo or picture in an item. Get also the best gem at affordable prices at Best jewelry at Buyz. She will like it, He will appreciate it

Love Seduction Tricks That Would Make A Lady Always Spend Time With You

Love Seduction Tricks That Would Make A Lady Always Spend Time With You

The major reason while most guys failed when trying to build a relationship out of an existing friendship with the woman they love is because of their inability to captivate the mind of the woman during the course of the friendship. In this article, I will reveal to you the right love tactics and seduction tricks to use so as to coax practically well with lady, make her to like you and always looking forward to spend her time with you.

Maybe you don’t know that the more positive and beneficial the experience a lady has when interacting with you, the greater her desire will be to continue the association. You may be asking what are the necessary tricks you are not using in your love life that has cost you most promising relationships? Outlined below are love tactic technique and the right seduction tricks that guarantee you of winning a woman love without any compromise.

Seduction Trick Number One: Show Some Excitement.

Learn to show some excitement when she comes around or calls. The way you treat and act towards her do have a bearing on how she thinks and act towards you. If you are happy and excited to see her or receive her calls she will find herself emotionally lifted and will be ready to spent her precious time with you always.

Seduction Trick Number Two: Show Those Pearly Whites Smile.

Whenever you are together always put on ‘smile’. Smile communicate love and acceptance. It make you look cute, happy and confidence about yourself. Smiling is one of the most effective keys of getting attracted to members of the opposite sex. Therefore, if you want to win her heart, always put on warm and genuine smile on your face. Make good eye contact with her whenever you are in the middle of a conversation, do not make it look frightening. This will make her feel at ease with you and will want to spend time with you always.

Seduction Trick Number Three: Speak With Strong Feeling Of Interest.

Be enthusiastic when speaking with her. Don’t be lifeless, try to put some enthusiasm in your voice. Enthusiasm is a subtle way of showing that you care and will make her spend time with you. Don’t make her bored whenever you are together, laugh when necessary as this will make her enjoy your companionship and she will desire to spend her time with you.

Seduction Trick Number Four : Be Positive Always

Whenever you are with her, always be positive in your thinking and action. A good sense of humor and your ability to make decision in times of plights and predicament will tell how mature you are. Positive thinking is specially important in making a good impression on a woman. She would value your friendship dearly and enjoy being in your company if you have a positive outlook.

Seduction Trick Number Five: Get Her To Tell You About Her Interest .

One of the greatest love tactic that could make a woman to fall in love with you is to get her to tell you about herself. Women are more vulnerable. They love to talk about their selves and the best way to keep a conversation going is to encourage her to discuss her interests with you as this will make her feel good about herself. Always remember to keep her interests your focal point when conversing.Strategically, it will help you secure her friendship and set the stage for her to fall deeply in love with you.




Taking into account the complexity of life,different histories culture and different structures of values, the woman’s question despite basic solidarity, needs to be tackled in relation to the socio-cultural situation. The novels of Bharati Mukherjee are self actualising. Quest for the definition of self and search for identity are the main features of her women who are seen caught in the flux of tradition and tradition and modernity. Neither can they completely detach themselves from their part, nor do they have any certitude in the future. Bharati Mukherjee has interceded reworked the study of feminism in her writings. Central to her vision in The Holder Of The World, Wife and jasmine are issues related to women. Feminism in her works has something of What Caroll Smith Rosen Berg (1979) argues is -the emotional segregation of women and man, which brought about, led to the development of a specifically female world(137)-. The network of female world comes to us not only in Mukherjee’s novels but also in her collections of Short Stories. She advocates many faces of feminism encompassing agitation for equal opportunity, sexual antonomy and right of self determination.


Mukherjee’s fiction convinces us that gender is a multifaceted category open to change and variation, and reinforces, what Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing had suggested-that particular forms of female marginality must be examined in relation to the conditions of women’s lives-as immigrants, minorities, wealthy, poor, black, white, sex workers, maids, or academics (quoted by Rayaprol 135). Mukherjee’s depiction of women and their different relationships portrays the dominance of patriarchal practices in traditional society, as well as the forms of liberation and empowerment which are available to women in their diasporic situation. Mukherjee’s female characters are real, modern lifelike. They are typical representatives of young woman particularly of The Third World countries who cherish the dream of emigrating to America for higher education and higher wages, and then after arrival there, aspire to settle there permanently. Their situations and the difficulties they face are also realistically portrayed. In nearly, all stories there is a fixed pattern. In the first part of each story, the focus is on narrating the situation of an immigrant who is in the process of immigration or settling down and in the second part who is in the process of immigration or settling down and in the second part the protagoinst is invariably given to making love with a partner of the opposite sex who is rooted in the American soil.


1. Chapter I Introduction 2. Chapter II Portrayal of Women IN -The Tiger’s Daughter- 3. Chapter III Portrayal of Women IN -Wife- 4. Chapter IV Portrayal of Women IN -Jasmine- 5. Chapter V Portrayal of Women IN -The Holder Of The World- 6. Chapter VI Portrayal of Women IN -Leave It To Me- 7. Chapter VII Portrayal of Women IN -Desirable Daughters- 8. Chapter VIII Portrayal of Women IN -Tree Bride- 9. Chapter IX Portrayal of Women IN -The Short Stories- 10. Conclusion 11. Bibliography (i) Primary Sources (ii) Critical Studies On Bharati Mukherjee

Chapter I


Bharati Mukerjee is a significant woman novelist. She was born on 27th July 1940, in a Bengali Brahmin family of Calcutta. Her father’s name was Sudhir Lal Mukherjee. He was a pharmaceutical chemist. Her mother, Bina Mukherjee was a housewife. Mukherjee spent her first eight years as a member with her parents and two sisters in a joint family . She lived with her parents and two sisters in London for about three years. in 1951 the family returned to Calcutta and she joined the English -speaking Loreto, convent school, run by Irish nuns. Mukherjee and her sisters were chauffeured to the convent school quite, Characteristic of this clash of Bengalis, the family “westernized” in the sense that English education was valued.

In 1958, Mukherjee’s father lost her partnership in the factory and moved him family to Baroda. Bharati Mukherjee completed her B.A. (Honours) English at university of Calcutta in 1959. She took her M.A. degree in English from the university of Baroda in 1961.She went to the University of obtained an MFA in creative writing in 1963 and a Ph.D. in English in 1969.

In the University of Iowa Mukherjee met Clark Blaise, a Canadians fellow student at the university of Iowa. She married him in 1963. She lived in Canada from 1966 to 1980. She got Canadian citizenship and lived in Toronto and then in Montreal. She held teaching portions at MC Gill university and Concordia university. She migrated to the U.S.A. in 1980 with her family and become a U.S.A citizen in 1988. She was awarded the “Prestigious Shastri Indo Canadian Institute Grant” during the year 1976-77. She was a recipient of “Guggenhein Foundation Award” in 1978-79 and “Canadian Government Award in 1982.” She also won the first prize from “Periodical Distribution Association in 1980” for her short story “Isolated Incidents”. Mukherjee has also been honoured with the “National Book Critics Circle Award” for her short stories collection. “The Middleman and Other Stories in 1989”. Her other works are. Her creative five novels are: “The Tiger’s Daughter (1972), Wife (1975), Jasmine (1989), The Holder of the world (1993) , Leave It to me (1997), Desirable Daughters (2002) and The tree Bride (2004) and two collections of short stories : “Darkness (1985)” and ” The Middleman and Other Stories (1988)”. Her husband, Clark Blaise, helps her in her fiction. He is an American – Canadian author. He teaches also in the English department of Columbia university.She has co-authored with her husband two non-fictional works: first is ” Days and Night in Calcutta” in (1977), and second is ” The Sorrow and the Terror”


Portrayal Of Women In -The Tiger’s Daughter-

The Tiger’s Daughter reflects the confrontation between illusion and reality. Tara, the protagoinst was packed off by her father at early age of fifteen at America, because he was prompted by suspicion and pain for his country. Tara is homesick in Poughkeepsie. Little things pained her. She sensed discriminaton if her room mate did not share her mango chutney. She defended her family and her country vehemently. She prayed to kali for strength, so that she would not break down, before the Americans. It was fate that she fell in love with an American. This novel begins with a reference to fate and astrology. It seems a device adopted by the writer around which she can weave her plots. Tara’s husband David was painfully Western, she was dutifully devious in her marriage. She could not communicate the finer nuances of her family background and life in Calcutta. Her husband asked nave questions about Indian Customs and Traditions. She felt completely insecure in an alien atmosphere. -Madisson Square was unbearable and her husband was after all a foreigner.- After a gap of seven years Tara planned a trip to India, for years she had dreamed of this return. She believed that all hesitations and all shadowy fears of the time abroad would be erased quite magically if she could return home to Calcutta. With the precision of a newspaper reporter, Bharati Mukherjee leads her heroine through a series of adventures and dis-adventures to a final self-realisation and reconciliation. Tara’s homesick eyes noticed may changes in the city of Calcutta. She was outraged, and could not respond to these changes. She longed for the Bengal Of Satyajit Rao , children running through cool green spaces, aristocrats despairing in music rooms of empty places. What confronted her was a restive city which forced weak men to fanatical defiance or dishonesty.

The writer interlinks the events-like Tara’s visit to funeral pyre at the river bank, her meeting with a small beggar girl affected with leprosy, the vision of beggar children eating off the street, the superficialities in the lives of her friends, the riots and demonstrations and her claustrophobic rape by the politician Tuntunwala to bring out the trauma of Tara’s visit to India. Tara’s visit to Darjelling is also marred by ugly and violent incidents. Many of Tara’s doubts and conflicts are resolved by the strength, determination and quite dignity of her parents. AntoniaWhitehead, an American lends Tara a fresher and clearer perspective about her country. Tara realized that her earlier responses to Calcutta had also been similarly impatient, menacing and equally innocent. The visit to the ashram of Mata Kananbala Devi makes her share of love for her mother as well as the worshippers.The Indian dream is shattered but the writer leads the heroine to a final reconciliation. At the end of the novel, Tara is involved in a violent demonstration, in which Joyob Roy Chaudhary, a symbol of the old world is brutally beaten to death. Pronob the youth tries to save him, but is himself injured in the process. This was a course of history, which could not be stopped. -She felt she had made peace with the city, nothing more was demanded.-


Portrayal Of Women In -Wife-

Wife is a story of Dimple Das Gupta, a product of Calcutta’s middle class that values docility and submissiveness in women. From the very beginning we feel that the Dimple is not like a normal girl, she thinks that marriage is a blessing in disguise. It will bring her freedom, fortune and happiness. At last her father Mr. DasGupta married her daughter with Amit Basu. Basu’s house is not attractive, so she does not feel easy there. She doesn’t likes Amit’s mother and sister also. Her mother-in-law dislikes her name -Dimple’ and wants to call her -Nandini’. Dimple Basu has always lived in a fantastic world, a world which is created by herself. But when she confronts the hard realities of life the feathers of her imagination are clipped. Amit was not the man Dimple has imagined for her husband. With the passing of time the excitement of marriage diminishes and she becomes pregnant, She feels a strange sensation. Pregnancy is a boon for Indian women, but Dimple is singular in that -She thought of ways to get rid of -. So she decides to terminate her pregnancy, Only Dimple who can do herself abortion, She never repents her cruel deeds. Inamdar rightly says -Dimple is a psychic study of an abnormal woman-. Dimple wants to do away with the tradition taboos of a wife and she becomes on escapist, lost in her requestered world of fantasy. The killng of a mouse to her is a symbolic suicide of herself. In New York her circumscribed self finds expressions for her frustration in a chilling effect of self assertion- the act being the cold blooded murder of her husband. The name Dimple is quite scintillating and enticing but lexico- graphically it means any slight surface depression. This depression on the surface is again symbolic of the depression within her psyche, which is borne out of her irritable responses to the things around her. Bharati Mukherjee present the world of Dimple. A world of day dreams and nightmares and her morbid psyche through a series of grotesqe images. Dimple’s morbidity is evident while she is still at her parental home in the way she allows her conscious mind to be completely dominated by the colourful romance projected in the advertisements and the stories of magzines. Including herself in sexual fantasies with Cricket Stars, Young Cabinet Ministers and Heroes from novels, Dimple sets out on a long journey of unreal meaningless and morbid existence. Dimple in wife, is symbolized the predicament of a voice without articulation and without a vision. They are visionless because they are voiceless ; they are rootless because they are shootless. Uniquely Indian are superficially westernized, she is basically human. They give vent to their feminine sensibility in their frantic desire for an authentic communication with the self as well as the society.


Portrayal Of Women In Jasmine

Jasmine can be read as a feminist novel where the protagonist rebels not only against age-old superstitions and traditions, but also effects a proper balance between tradition and modernity. The novel is a celebration of the strength of a woman, not her weakness. In a language of emotion and meticulous metaphor using images provided by the woman protagonist the novelist has articulated the many sided pathos and rebellion of contemporary Indian Woman, not only in India but also in New World. In Jasmine a woman comes to terms with her own self. As Sumita Roy points out :- -Jasmine’s search for self-recognition takes her in social and spiritual direction–.till she arrives at a time when she can view the future -greedy with wants and reekless from hope-. From the very beginning Bharati Mukherjee has delineated the Jyoti of Hasanpur (who later on becomes Jasmine, and Jase and Jane ) as a rebel against blind beliefs and superstitions. Early in the novel Jyoti tries to raise herself above such blind belief in fate which is adumbrated by the astrologer thus -fate is Fate-. While scavenging firewood Jyoti gets a star shaped wound on her forhead. That scar becomes her third eye and through an archetypal image (Shiva’s Third Eye) Mukherjee shows that already Jyoti was peering out into invisible words (Now I am a sage-) The third eye gives her a wide and true perspective on life. She learns to look back to the past not like a coward bunkering herself inside nostalgia, sheathing her heart in a bullet-proof vest. For her, even memories are a sign of disloyality. Similarly with her third eye she learns to look into the future with pain and hope and when she embarkes into her final journey in America she is -greedy’ with wants and reekless with hopes. It is as if like Shiva she was swallowed the cosmos whole. Bharati Mukherjee also shows her woman protagonist repudiating centuries – old ugly Indian tradition of checking the boys horoscope.The second archetypal image that Bharati Mukherjee uses to bring out the protagonist’s feminist trait is that of Kali, the Goddess of Destruction. But since in Hindu mythology Kali is an incarnation of Durga, the Godess of Strength (shakti), the image here is more relevant to the strength of a woman like Jasmine who has embarked on a perilous journey to a new world of fulfill her husband’s dream. After her husband’s death in order to reach USA she stows in a boat captained by half-face. But after landing in America when half-face demands his price (nothing less than the satisfaction of his lurtful passions will do) Jasmine in a truly feminist gesture decides to kill the Devil Incarnate and Bharati Mukherjee brilliantly fuses two archetypal image to enact the killing of Kali : The Godess of Destruction and strength and the broken pitcher. This new identity in reality expresses another aspect of the -feminist- in the Indian fiction in English for the true feminist, in my eyes, is the one who has achieved a proper balance between tradition and modernity. In the beginning in America Jasmine lodges with Prakash’s Professorji-Mr. Vadhera. But she feel uncomfortable in Professorji’s house which they have converted into a Punjab ghetto. She wants to get away from the claustrophobic traditional -Indianness’ and Bharati Mukherjee brings out this contrast between tradition and modernity through the contrast between Professorji wife Nirmala and the protagonist Jasmine. Nirmala only takes, Jasmine both takes and gives. That is why she can escape the Indian ghetto in flushing and adopt herself to the patterns of dominant. American culture ( modernity) but that does not mean she throws to the wind her race, her religion , her beliefs (tradition). A true feminist Jasmine, does not hold fast to nostalgia that is dead but maintains certain basic traits of Indian Culture even after imbibing American Culture. Thus even after Jasmine has become Dulf’s day Mummy, a caregiver (not a servant, mind you) in the Taylor household her traditional roots break through again and again. With infinite care Bharati Mukherjee her protagoinst’s gradual transformation but some times there is a conflict between Jasmine’s two selves, one still holding fast to traditional Indian Values of life and the other an adventure in a Capitalistic Culture. But as an apotheosis of true Feminist spirit Jasmine does not hold fast to a -dead nostalgia- and as she tells Taylor about her past, it gets exorcised. She falls hopelessly in love with Taylor but the past comes back to destroy her present when she sees Sukhi, her husband’s murderer in the park and she decides to leave Claremont For Iowa. And here in Iowa Budd Ripplemeyer falls in love with her (and she gets a new identity : Jane Ripplemeyer ) . Budd courts her because for him she is the very embodiment of Eastern mystery. -Budd courts me because I am alien, I am darkness, mystery inscrutability.- Bharati Mukherjee passes the final judgement through her mouthpiece, Jasmine, we are once won over by her scintillating prose, her cadenced rhythm and above all her powerful feminist convictions. -I am caught between the promise of America and old world dutifulness.-


Portrayal Of Women In -The Holder Of The World-

-The Holder Of The World- is a feminist novel. But as far as handling of feminist point of debate is concerned a parallel can be drawn between -The Journey Of Ithaca- and -The Holder Of The World-. -The Holder Of The World- is a story of Hannah Easton a abandoned child came to India in the seventeenth century and imbided herself in its culture. Hannah Easton arrives in India from Puritan Massachusetts and -translates herself’ into the Salem Bibi, the mistress of Raja Jadav Singh. The novel also gyrates around the tale of the Emperor’s Tear, the diamond which Aurangzeb hung in his war tent and which Hannah steals. But history loses the diamond. In the mid-twenteith century Beigh Marters and her boyfriend Venn Iyer of MIT strives to create the greatest -data plasma’ in the world. They ste to unearth something useful from layers of history, life and times of the Salem Bibi and the Emperor’s Tear. Beigh Masters visit the Maritime Museum in Massachussets to lock into the dusty debris of Mughal Miniature Paintings’ goes to auction houses and several historical records and memories. The transmigration of Salem Bibi’s soul through time and space becomes an allegory of Beifg Master’s personal discovery.Flavour of -historical feminism’ is insinuated here and there through the incidents of Hannah’s life. Her mother Rebecca leaves an ineradicable imprint on young Hannah’s mind which she disappears with a Nipmuc–The ultimate unnatural crime of Puritan Life–.She (Hannah) witnessed the fall, not Adam’s fall Rebecca’s fall. Hannah carries claustrophobic memories of the event through out her life. She too later profligates the concept of a proper English lady to become the bibi of Jadhav Singh, who is fighting the Mughals. She was brought up in an orthodox setup of fitch household, gained all the conventional wisdom and housekeeping, developed an obsessive love of needle work. Hannah neither forgets nor forgives her mother’s crime of elopement. She never shares her emotional tumult with anyone. In the Puritan family circle of fitch she could never imagine to talk to her mother. Her husband Gabriel Legge is a colourful raconteur, the swaggering seafarer, he never had time or sensibility to listen to Hannah. He is employed as a factor of the East India Company. Hannah’s fate brings her to India, her marriage with Gabriel emulates her mother’s behaviour. She finds a good friend in Bhagmati, her Indian ayah, who brings to her the glimmerings of understanding of an aged civilization. She narrates fragments from -The Ramayana’. She is attracted to the events of Sita’s life because she proves her purity to her husband and to her society in a trial by fire. The God Of Fire, Agni, embraces her and expels her unscorched. An interesting parallel is that Hannah’s life was also a trial by fire , but unlike Sita she never withstands Agnipariksha for the sake of her husband. Gabriel wanted Hannah to triumph over her Puritan sensibilities and she obliged him, because she loved things of life. Legge joins a group of pirates and during one of his misadventures with Haj pilgrims he is separated from his wife. Hanna escapes with Bhagmati to Panpur under the protection of Raja Jadav Singh of Devgad. Bhagmati and Hannah become the guests of Raja. She steps into a new world of Hinduism. She and Jadav Singh wooed each other. The Nawab Haider Beg despatches his most ruthless commander , Morad farah, to cage Raja, Jadav Singh unsurp the diamond, Emperor’s tear and bring Hannah, the firangi lady. Jadav Singh with no option, bundled Hannah and Bhagmati into a palanquin and a disguised Raja into another. On their way to Nawab the Raja attacked the Mughal army. Hannah eventually kills Morad saves Jadav’s life and brings him back to Panpur. She decides to offer her life to end the war, goes to transact with the Emperor but is taken hostage by him. Whenever, Aurangzeb comes to see her, she is reminded of Ravana the demon king of Lanka in Muslim disguise. Though she fails in her mission for armistice between the Raja and the Emperor, somehow, she purloins the diamond- the Emperor’s Tear. She hands over the diamond to Bhagmati. The diamond is ultimately found by Beigh Masters in a cyberspatial finale. Bhagmati thrusts the world’s most famous diamond into her dying womb. It is in her grave that they find the holder of the world of the seventeenth century. Bharati Mukherjee sees herself as a unique human being and gives message to her fellow female. In -The Holder Of The World-, she suggests two advantages of Women Liberation. Hannah and Bhagmati in -The Holder Of The World- recurrently defy estrangement in the society they live and get the answer in rejecting cultural stereotypes they develop the life of their own outside the home. The Salem Bibi provocates Masters Beigh to unreveal the mystery which surrounded her life and the diamond. Mukherjee devotes her attention to female issues in the historical times as well as in the contemporary society. Mukherjee and Master Beigh involve deeply in the Salem Bibi in making sense from the historical evidences because conventional answers no longer satisfy. They feel social and cultural change in a recursive process and women have to play steering role.

Chapter VI

Portayal Of Women In -Leave It To Me-

The protagonist is a Eurasian Orphan, Debbie Devi who is adopted by an upstate New York family of Italian Origin. Born in India and raised as an adopted child, Devi Dee travels through America to find her bio-mom. By the time she has arrived in San Francisco and taken a band of aging ex-hippies and a psychotic Vietnam Vet, her identity crisis looms large. It leads her to track down her bio-parents in Laxmipur, Devigaon, India, and the orphanage where she raised-the Gray Sisters–Soeuss Grises–Sore Grease-in Mount Abu. She learns from Fred, her hired detective, that her mother was the Hippie follower of a sex-age guru, and her father the founder of the ashram, serial killer Romeo Hawk Haque. The offspring of this unlikely liaison, Devi Dee-presumed missing or dead is saved by nuns and shipped abroad to America, where she is raised as the adopted child of the Di Martino family. Twenty three years later having graduated from Sunny, Albany, she sets out to seek her bio-mom in off-beat California. This novel makes the predicament of the protagonist crystal-clear, Mukherjee deals with the reality of -Time-Travel-. In -Leave It To Me- Mukherjee reverts to her earlier obsession with an exile’s agony.


Portrayal Of Women In -Desirable Daughters-

-Desirable Daughters- follow the diverging paths taken by three Calcutta-born sisters as they come of age in a changing world. Tara, Padma and Parvati were born into a wealthy Brahmin family presided over by their dothing father and their traditionalist mother. Intelligent and artistic, the girls are nevertheless constrained by a society with little regard for women. Their subsequent rebellion will lead them in different directions to different continents and through different circumstances that strain yet ultimately strengthen their relationship. Bharati mukherjee has written a remarkable novel that is both the portrait of a traditional Indian Brahmin family and a contemporary American story of a woman who is in many ways broken with tradition but still remains tied to her native country. This is about three Bengali sisters who grew up in Calcutta and eventually end up in three different corners of the globe leading three different lifestyles. One lives a comfortable life in a posh residential locality in Mumbai keeping herself busy in household chores. Another of the sister ends up New Jersey among the elite class of migrant Indians. The third ends up in the West in California Leading a more pedestrian life after getting a divorce from her business tycoon husband. It’s an interesting tale about how life puts us in different circumstances we hardly imagined ourselves in and how each of us overcomes the challenges that life poses us. -Desirable Daughters- is a melting pot of styles. It’s a middlebrove women’s novel (think an Indian Hannah and her sisters) ; a postcolonial tale life with meditations on belonging and exile, and a thriller, complete with a mysterious stranger and quirky cop. Throw in a touch of Hindu style magic realism and stir. Tara Chatterjee, the afformentioned narrator, is the youngest of three sisters from the wealthy Calcutta family trapped between the old world and the new. At nineteen she was married off to Bish Chatterjee, who became a Silicon Valley Billionare. Now pushing 40, tara is a divorcee living in San Francisco with her teenage son and her boyfriend, a Buddhist earthquake-proofer whose truck advertises him as the -Zen Master of Retro Fit-. Although she left Calcutta decades ago, Tara radar is always on alert, encoding names, manners, and accents whenever she encounters strangers of Indian descent. This ethnic antenna comes in hardy when young man named Chris Dey surfaces, claiming to be the illegitimate son of her eldest sister, Padma. Tara senses there is something fishy about him and call her riblings, hoping to clear up the mystery. These searching conversations with Padma (a multicultural performance artist in New Jersey) and Parvati (who lives in Bombay and, worries incessantly about crime) provide some of the funniest, most astute scenes in the novel. Mukherjee has perfect emotional pitch, nailing the conflicted, sometimes vicious dynamics among sisters. Tara initially describes her family as close ; in reality, she and her sisters routinely whitewash their sadness. -The rules of our transcontinental relationships are instituted, never acknowledged.- Tara admits at one point, – We accept that given the international phone rates, our personal defeats are too banal to waste money on.- When she tries to pump them for information on the mysterious Chris Day, they scold her for tainting their cloistered, halcyon childhood with scandal. After some sleuthing on Tara’s part, she discovers that her father, a religious Brahmin, forbade Padma from marrying her Christian boyfriend, Ronald Dey, she also learns that the man who claims to be Chris Dey may be an importer linked to an Indian gangster syndicate who is targeting Bish Chattrejee’s tech empire. This thriller plotline isn’t entirely convicing because Mukherjee doesn’t take it seriously, mainly using Chris Dey as a device for transporting the specters of the past into the present. She traces a fuzzy line back several generation. -to the decision of Ronald’s grandfather to convert to protestantism and gain favour from the British and lose status with the Hindus.- Or may be even farther back to Tara’s own great grandfather, an educated Bengali who turned his back on colonial society and become a born-again Hindu, setting her family on the path of orthodoxy and repression. From a respected writer of fiction comes a stirring novel of three Calcutta born women, two continents, and a perilous journey from the old world to the new. Mukherjee weaves together stories of the sister’s ancestors, their childhood memories, and dramastic scenes from India’s History. Chapter-VIII

Portrayal Of Women In -Tree Bride-

The -Tree Bride- takes up from her last novel, Desirable Daughters, ended. It’s a second in a trilogy. The protagonist, Tara Chatterjee, is a savvy, cosmopolitian world-traveller very taken with her priveledged life as a Silicon Valley magnate. But when her home is firebombed just as she may be reconciling with her ex, she begins to yearn for home and tradition. A trip back to India rekindles a desire to find her family’s ancestral roots and place in the history of pre-independent India. The novel begins on this note with the most American of all searches : the desire to trace one’s ancestry. Tara is fascinated by an ancestor : her almost namesake, Tara Lata, a five year old girl who was a victim of the archaic custom of child marriage-atradition even her father, a university graduate and lawyer, willingly follows. It is 1879, and Tara Lata’s wedding party is traveling through a dark jungle to rendezvous with the bridegroom’s family, who instead of greeting them hurls curses at the bride, calling her unlucky because the boy bridegroom had been bitten fatally by a snake. To save her from a life of a degradation, widowhood, and shame, Tara Lata’s father -marries- her to the God of the forest, and she becomes the legendary Tree Bride. The young girl retreats to her father’s house and makes it a refugee for the poor, the sick, and finally the fighters for Indian Independence. She is dragged from her home in 1944 by colonial authorities, who announce her death six days later. Mukherjee does not have an aunt like Tara in the family, but she says that -three were many Tara Lata’s married to trees, so that they could have a life on earth, a place in society where they would not be considered outcasts, and a place in Heaven. The ancient Hindus believed that widows are unlucky and would descend to hell.- With ayoung woman trying to find herself and how she fit into her place in the universe, the story traces the British Colonial rule in India, its contributions and its ultimate downfall. While she is struggling with the thought of getting back with her ex-husband and being pregnant with her child, Tara tries to understand her heritage and the actions of her ancestors which may and may not have contributed to the sum total of the person she has evolved into. Every action in the universe has an equal and opposite reaction, nothing in the universe ever gets lost ; everything is connected. The -Tree Bride- is a one person narrative of British history in India. A great deal of detail has gone into recreating the British men who left their homeland to fulfill what they believed was a higher purpose of instilling order and discipline in foreign lands. Mukherjee with her insightful understanding of women nature deep psychological analysis never really succeeds in bringing the deeds British men to life. But she does shine with her evocation of the city of her birth, the Brahmin society’s snobbery and in capturing the intricacies of Tara and her namesake -The Tree Bride-.


Portrayal Of Women In -The Short Stories Of Bharati Mukherjee-

Bharati Mukherjee has written two collections of short

stories namely -Darkness (1985)- and -The Middleman and Other Stories-

(1989). Mukherjee’s Darkness consists of twelve short stories, and -The

Middleman and Other Stories- comprises eleven short stories very varied in

theme and technique. In many short stories of Bharati Mukherjee the

protogoinst are woman who are married or divorced and have an inclination

to from relationships which terminate in several misadventure. These female

characters can be called the liberated women. They pick and mix with men

so freely and satisfy their lust for sensuality and then instead of stopping

their move on to form new arrangements. The traditional view of seeing

these love-relationships terminating in marital unions or well established

love-affairs is nowhere distinctly conceived. On the contrary, their

disorderly conduct and promiscuity raise doubts about their notions and

dream of immigration and settlement in the United State. But one would

certainly be moved by the pathetic situation of kids born of unstabilized

marriages or marriages breaking up too soon making the kids grow into

freaks and emotionally unbalanced individuals. From the traditional way of

thinking of non-American societies, the new world life embraced by the

immigrants may appear to be seriously deficient in a moral system. To be

completely liberated in matters of sex may create more problems than it may

solve. The family life in America may appear to be so very unsecure and


Bharati Mukherjee’s concern with the processes of

effecting transformations of the protagoinsts and other immigrants into

American citizens. Each one of the stories in one way or another turns on the

theme of fulfillment which is brought about almost mechanically without

first developing an appropriate emotional or sentimental matrix out of which

the desire for a matrimonial or love-relationship might genuinely result.

Panna, the protagoinst of The Wife’s Story has walked out of the traditional

Hindu Marriage, left Ahemdabad for Menhattan where she experiences

freedom and individuality. She learns a great deal from the way charity

chin’s lurid love life has -replaced inherited notions of marital duty.-

-The Middleman-, the title story is about the dangerous

career and fortunate survival of the half caste Maria narrated from the point

of an Iraqi observer participant. Mukherjee’s next story -The Tenant’ is

more successful and artistically finished than some of the earlier ones

discussed here, Maya Sanyal, a Ph. D. in Comparative Literature teaches

World Literature at the University Of Northern Iowa. For Maya, -no folly is

ever lost-. For , History is a net, the kind of safety net traveling trapeze

artists fall into, when inattentive or clumsy. Mukherjee’s Jasmine destined to

be developed into a novel a later date, It begins to be a matter of fact way.

Jasmine came to Detroit from Port Of Spain, Trinidad, by way of Canada.

Angella is the short story in Mukherjee’s Darkness , the

short story collection. Angella, the protogoinst tells us the sad story of an

immigrant from Bangladesh who can only dream of love, domesticity,

babies and all the comforts that a doctor’s wife can possibly enjoy in the

new world. Mukherjee’s second short story in this volume -The Lady From

Lucknow- is ironical in theme and technique. Beginning the story with a

surrealistic picturing of a broken heart from the point of view of a small and

possibly shocked girl of four. Mukherjee develops the theme of passionate

love into a major cultural paradex as a Muslim protogoinst matures into a

young and voluptus woman married to an engineer manager name Iqbal Iry.

-The World according to her.- Mukherjee’s next story the protogoinst Ratna

herself the offspring of an international marriage in 1936 (she had a

Czechoslovak mother and a Bengali father), is married to a liberal white

Canadian, probably a WASP. The next story entitled -The Father’ deals with a tricky situation in which the cultural and enthic encounter is not between

individuals but attitudes acquired as well as preserved ; between reason and

superstition. The Indian immigrants-the Bhowmicks are sufficiently

acclutured but not fully assimilated. The parents are horried to knowthat

their brilliant plain daughter, Babil, an Electrical Engineer wants to have a

baby by artificial insemination outside Wedlock. When confronted by the

-fantasising’ father and the shocked mother, the pregnant Babil replies ;

-Who needs a man? She hissed. The father of my baby is a bottle and

syringe. Men louse up your lives. I just want a baby.- -orbiting is a story of

great significance. When brent listens to Ro’s experiences in his home

country Afghanistan , he is for the first time exposed to Third World

Passion. Ro’s beloved Rindy comes to know for the first time that words like

Kandhar and Pamir are not Polish words but important names associated with Afghanistan.


Mukherjee’s female characters are real, modern lifelike. They are typical representatives of young woman particularly of The Third World countries who cherish the dream of emigrating to America for higher education and higher wages, and then after arrival there, aspire to settle there permanently. Their situations and the difficulties they face are also realistically portrayed. In nearly, all stories there is a fixed pattern. In the first part of each story, the focus is on narrating the situation of an immigrant who is in the process of immigration or settling down and in the second part the protagoinst is invariably given to making love with a partner of the opposite sex who is rooted in the American soil. There is little or no consideration that the sexual adventure of the female protagoinst with the male member of may amount to adultery or cause serious protest from the housewife. In fast, while such adulterous transactions are carried on freely and even promiscuously, the housewives take them as normal behaviour. The moral norms do not exist at all, or that sexual ptomiscuity is a socially recognized fact. The world then appears so ordained as to give, both man and woman equal dignity and equal freedom. It would then appear to be a world in which neither of them is seriously restrained or bound by obligations towards the children or to the collective family life. The stories have the form of the sonnet in the sense that while the first part develops the situation, the second part suddenly takes a decisive through expected turn culminating in the passionate, amoral adventure. By this sudden switch over to thesensual romantic theme, the story seem to develop a tendency towards the pornographic.


Those days are gone , When love and compassion was shown, Now it is display of mankind, Intrigues and conspiracies without mind, Where such kinds of love will be found, He receives his friends in many a way, Where sun can be shown of hope but not a single ray, A figure of clay will a mundane game play, Where such a literary figure will be find, Who will show such kind of display of mankind ————————————————————————-

BUBBLE BY HARPRASAD SHARMA EDITED- DR. RAM SHARMA False attachment to worldly things, Nothing but pain and sorrow brings, Cling not to earthly things that seem, to sages like an empty dream, This body which is made of dust, Will one day like a bubble burst A frame which is subject to decay, Why grieve for that in such a way?


Best Way To Lose Love Handles For Men

Best Way To Lose Love Handles For Men

Love handles which is also referred to as spare tire can be gotten rid of using various means. There exist both natural and synthetic methods used to get rid of love handles. This article looks at both the natural and synthetic methods used to remove love handles. You can read it to select the one that best suits you the most.

The use of cardiovascular activities is among the best way to lose love handles for men. After you must have modified your diet and put some muscle building among your daily activities. The use of cardiovascular workouts will aid to pump up your heart. You will only need to do this exercise for just three periods per weekly. The time frame you should put into it is 30 minutes.

Some of the cardiovascular activities I am talking about are jogging, cycling or swimming. Some category of persons find it hard to carry out these activities for about 30 minutes, if you are among the type then it will be nice to begin it gradually, and put up some few minutes for each session. When you advance your pulse rate and make your heart start pumping blood through the means of your circulatory system, your system will be shedding off calories and you will end up eliminating your love handles.

The option of using operation is another best way to lose love handles for men, which you may know as surgery, works for removing love handling. Surgery should be the last resort for removing love handles. It is only necessary when you must have tried out all the methods you know and still the love handles are there. The failure of your love handles not to disappear after using natural methods may because of bad genetics. The good part is that a small suction lipectomy in this modern world of ours is a fast out-patient system used to slim love handles. Most persons will be able to resume their normal business activities after some few days. At some periods, when the fat is taken off from that obstinate region, it may not return again. It will also be in your best interest to note that there are risks and complication associated with this form of surgery used to remove love handles.

Ladies – Learn The Trap (and Avoid It!) Of The Instant Connection When Finding Love Online

Ladies – Learn The Trap (and Avoid It!) Of The Instant Connection When Finding Love Online

Finding Love Online can be a challenge to the dating life of just about any girl. Compound that with the fact that most ladies do not really understand the rules around communicating through online channels , placing profiles, emailing guys and simply understanding connections made through non-traditional means, and you can have yourself quite an experience and not always in a good way.
Have you tried online dating yet, or tried to find true love online and failed? Its hard to believe, isnt it? I mean, you think that with over six million people active in online dating that you would have a MUCH greater success rate than going out and trying to meet guys at venues.
Well, the difficulty is, if you are not aware of the pitfalls of trying to find true love online, then you just might fail. Lets begin with talking about the fundamentals communication and initial attraction in Finding Love Online.
First of all, one of the biggest pitfalls in online dating is the instant connection. It can be a trap in two ways first of all in FEELING the instant connection, and second of all, in NOT feeling the instant connection. I know that is a bit confusing, right?
Lets think of it this way. First of all, lets talk about feeling that instant connection. Its what we all want, as ladies, right? To feel that immediate burst of attraction and connection to one another on a deeper level, feelings that might just lead you to find love online… its what we think that we are looking for and wanting in a guy. And it really can be. But look at your past do you typically date the wrong kind of guy? Are you always attracted to those bad boys, and then later on down the line, they end up treating you like trash and leaving you hurt and once again, single?
Most ladies ARE attracted to bad boys. Not because we want to make bad decisions , but because what we want is a real guy a guy who makes us feel protected, safe, taken care of and, well, like a girl! Genetically, our bodies want us to find the best mate the alpha leader if you will, that will lead us to having the best, strongest, smartest offspring, etc. This is hard-wired into attraction. You cannot help it. But you have to learn to distinguish between finding the bad boy who APPEARS to be an alpha leader with his self-assurance and animal attraction, and the TRUE alpha male who treats ladies WELL and has the confidence to appreciate your own unique abilities without letting them threaten his status as a guy. Make sense?
Ok. So here is where the double edged sword of feeling that instant attraction comes in. When you are communicating with someone online, without the nuance of body language, presence, facial expression, etc, AND with the element of time freeze that I mentioned in my previous article (where using a non face to face format like online communication, you can stop and think about your answers and take time to craft a reply) a guy can seem to be so much more or less than he really is.
Especially if you are sharing really significant things! You can get into this very deep conversation, feeling really connected to a guy and forget that this may not be what he is really like, or how he really thinks, because he could be totally playing with you, feeding off your emotions and just really getting in to the moment. It is many times easier to have a really deep conversation with a stranger through an online medium because that person does not even seem quite real when they are just a chat box on a screen.
On the other side of this coin you could be communicating with a guy online and thinking that this guy is kind of blah when really he is a awesome guy who just sucks at communicating in a non-verbal fashion. Its a catch 22.
So what do you do to really learn how to find love online? The key is this use the internet, use online dating, as a TOOL to meet men . Then, take your meeting offline, to a local cafe for lunch or a quick coffee break, or meet at the local park to see an art exhibit. Meet him somewhere public and do an activity that will not be leading you to the inevitable should I invite him in? question. And remember this as well even if you had an AMAZING connection online, you WILL feel awkward with him, and he with you, when you first meet. It does not matter how great your connection was, you are still going to be nervous and probably struggle with things to talk about for a little bit while you get used to each other.
Its a good idea to have a little list in your head of things you want to talk about. This should NOT include ex-boyfriends, things you dislike , things that annoy you, problems in your life or other negative things. Talk about things that inspire passion in you things you love and things that will give him a great positive view into your personality and what drives you.
If you want to know more about how to find love online, be sure to stay tuned to my blog, or sign up for my newsletter by following any one of these links!

Chelsea Shane Real Sex Doll Review

Chelsea Shane Real Sex Doll Review

The Chelsea Shane Life Sized Realistic Japanese Sex Doll is made from 100% medical grade silicone, and this realistic sex doll is the best for that unmistakable pleasure that you so crave. She isn’t at all the average blow up doll that you are used to seeing, this real doll is as close to the real thing as you can get.

Chelsea Shane invites you in to partake in her love, with her hands resting on her lower body, opening herself up to your pleasure. Her skin feels like real skin and her body is so life-like, you will think that she is a real woman.

She is built to handle any and everything you give to her, and you can lay her on her back or let her straddle you and ride you into absolute bliss. She is extremely flexible, allowing you to place her into any position that you desire her to be in. If you want to give her a good and proper reaming from behind, you can position her to stand on all fours, if you want her against the wall, you can position her to be leaned against the wall and ram her upward.

Unlike blow-up sex dolls, this realistic sex doll is built solid, and can handle every kind of force you inflict on her body. Chelsea Shane will take it all with a look of pure pleasure etched into her flesh colored, life-like face.

Get her wet and ready with your favorite water-based lubricant and slide your love deep inside of her and stroke her silicone walls until you release your love deep inside of her. Chelsea will enjoy every minute of it, especially if you play with her large, ample, realistic breast while doing so. This sex doll loves all kinds of sex, and cannot get enough of it; the most experienced of lovers will have the time of their lives with her.

Chelsea Shane is so realistic that while in the throes of your orgasm, you will not be able to tell the difference between her and a real woman- yes, she is that life-like.

Once your done with her (as if you can ever be fully done with Chelsea Shane- she is insatiable) you can store her in a sitting position or keep her lying on your bed, ready and waiting for you to return to her and give her sweet loving all night long.

Because she is made of silicone, cleaning her up after a night of epic lovemaking is a breeze. Simple soap and water will make sure that Chelsea Shane stays fresh and ready for your love at any given moment.

Do not hesitate to love the Chelsea Shane Life Sized Realistic Japanese Sex Doll anyway you see fit, she loves to be loved and will give you the satisfaction that you absolutely crave from your real doll. She’s a very good girl.

Women Men Love Are Sexually Playful

Women Men Love Are Sexually Playful

Men desire the same things that women do. You can attract and keep a man by fulfilling the needs in your own life first. Women men love are strong and independent. Treat men correctly and men will want you. Don’t belittle men. Men actually respond well to praise and appreciate a woman who knows how to acknowledge them. Men will value your opinion when you let them know how great they are. They need your compliments. They do not need criticism. Do not think that men don’t value the same things that you do. Exert your confidence. Don’t choose a man out of quiet desperation.

Enjoy an outside life with your friends. Men appreciate that but they also want to feel wanted and need by you. One way to appreciate your man is to let him enjoy time with his guy friends while you enjoy time with your friends. Believe it or not, men want you to be independent. This does not mean that they never want to spend time with you. Men really do enjoy private time together just not all the time. This is one of the reasons why many women think that men do not appreciate them.

Hint: men do appreciate women, they practically worship us, and as a woman you need to show your man that you need him, too! You can make him feel needed by giving him a sexy glance. Women men love act like his sex kitten and this will have him purring. Flirts like these help release stress and create a playful atmosphere. Your sultry glance reminds him he’s a wanted and desired man.

We already know that sex is on your man’s mind all of the time. Keep your sex life from being boring by trying different things with him. They do not have to be extremely kinky just a little unexpected like a new position. While ladies love knowing that they are loved, men love knowing that they are virile. Be that Playboy Centerfold for him, wear the sexy outfit, and use oil for a hot massage.

A woman that can keep on keeping her man up will win his heart as well. Women men love use sexual play time as a way to build the bond that they are looking for. This will make you both happy. Never use sex as a game to get material or emotional responses from your mate. Believe that your attitude and your willingness to be open in the bedroom will open new avenues in your relationship.

Kamdev Mantra Kamdev Mantra In Hindi For Love Kamdev Mantra For Vashikaran

Kamdev Mantra Kamdev Mantra In Hindi For Love Kamdev Mantra For Vashikaran

What is kamdev mantra and how you can get fill Benefit from kamdev mantra.Chanting Kamdev Mantra makes your personality a charming one. With the use of kamdev Mantra your partner will be attracted towards you and she will be ready for sex as per according to your terms.

Now will discuss where the Kamdev Mantra Proves to be helpful

Kamdev Mantra In Hindi : Sometimes it is also seen that problem occurs between the Married couples regarding issue of sex. Husband wants to involve in sex on regular basis but the wife don’t want it . So therefore a difference arises between the married couples. To Solve this problem, you just consult Begum Rukshana Ali Ji For Kamdev Mantra In Hindi.

Kamdev Mantra For Love : Begum Rukshana Ali Ji explains as further, Kamdev Mantra for love works well in case to get your love back. Your lost love will come back enchanting the solid kamdev Mantra for Love.

Kamdev Mantra to Attract Girls : In Today’s world youngster specially boys fall in love madly with the girls only at first sight. But at the same time this is also not necessary the girl also fall in love with same boy. Begum Rukshana Ali Ji explains that Kamdev Mantra To Attract Girls Increases your personality and proviedes the X Factor in Your Life and personality.

It is also use for vashikaran and we can also say that kamdev mantra is a part of vashikaran. Kamdev Mantra for Vashikaran is a part of mohini vashikaran, which is use to vashikaran any desire girl or woman in your life.and with this mantra you can make her ready for extreme love.